'Aitheria' is a photographic project featuring performer Konstantina Katsikari. In light of current global events affecting women, the artists wanted to pay homage to their roots and their close relationship with women in their lives, while also attempting to make sense of the present and pave the way for future generations. This documented performance was entirely improvised. It is essentially a recorded dialogue between two artists, where Konstantina is utilising her body as a dynamic tool, moving within the natural environment. It is a conceptual response to the prevailing circumstances towards violence against women and their rights. The body is used as a subject, with gestures interpreting 'freedom' and ‘growth'.

This body of work is surrealistically mobilised as a primary signifier of cultural politics through the use of mirrors, double exposure and the surrounding natural environment. This setting allows the series to appear visually timeless while also evoking the female body's primal need to connect with its natural surroundings. The incorporation of organza fabric contributes to the performance's ethereal and celestial appeal that celebrates the female activism and protest against violence. The mirrors represent both self-reflection and an eternal link to previous and future generations of women.The performance was shot on medium format film to capture the delicate details of the body and movement and to give the photographs a painting-like appearance. The performance was captured entirely on a single roll of film, imposing boundaries and limitations on both artists. It was executed in this way to depict women's repression in current events as the artists only had a few frames to respond to them. As a result, their voices to these changes were literally captured in the moment in time.