‘Corpus’ is the second chapter of the series ‘With Her’. It is a photobook project that is still in development. It can be interpreted as a documentary-style project that delves into the important issues of female mental health. I collaborate extensively with female participants, photographing them in their natural surroundings while we talk about and share our experiences as women. Each participant has a unique narrative to tell. My objective is to capture each participant's tale in their own unique way through visual language. All the participants are young females who have struggled with physical and mental health at some point in their lives. They share their stories as women, where we cover a wide range of topics such as self-acceptance, sexuality, depression, body dysmorphic disorder, abuse, and self-harm. The goal is to highlight the fact that every woman is unique and to dispel the stigmas that still exist when it comes to openly discussing female mental health. More coming soon.