‘Lava’ is a photographic exploration of the mesmerizing volcanic landscapes of the Portuguese archipelago, primarily focused on Pico Island. This project is a visual narrative that uncovers the island's extraordinary beauty.

With Pico boasting the tallest mountain in Portugal, this photographic journey delves into the raw and haunting beauty of the ancient volcanic formations that shape its distinctive identity. These formations, made of literal lava that has turned into stone after the eruption, hold the island's history for thousands of years. Each crease and curve in these stones tells a unique story, collectively bearing witness to Pico's evolution.

My objective is to showcase not only the stunning landscapes but also the intricate details of these volcanic rocks. Each shot captures the essence of the island's geological history, as unique as it is profound.

Isolated in the vastness of the Atlantic Ocean, Pico Island offers an unparalleled sense of solitude, and "Lava" invites you to experience this remarkable isolation. Through the lens, I aim to reveal the enduring drama of Pico's volcanic landscapes, where every image is a visual testament to the island's rich geological heritage.