with her i

The Curse of Menarche’ is the first chapter of the series ‘With Her’. This project explores how contemporary visual arts can be used to deconstruct the stigma around the representation of the female body, predominantly through the act of menstruation. Menstruation acts as a catalyst for the start of an honest conversation between the artist and other female participants. These conversations evolved into a photographic and sculptural form, finally taking the shape of an installation that challenges the spectator, particularly the male gaze. The photographs of the project are captured in a dark setting to create a renaissance-like aesthetic, this is done to challenge the sexualization of the nude female body. Even though the photographs are set in this specific visual setting they were taken during the process of the participant's empowerment. The photographs are not orchestrated or directed. The participants freely moved within the studio space using red velvet fabric to incorporate within their movement, with its intention to act as a symbol for menstrual blood .The fabric’s colour may vary in shade of red with every participant to signify that menstrual blood and menstruation is different for every female.